All you need to know about Kylie Jenner and how she built her billion dollar makeup company

American media personality,model and business woman Kylie Kristen jenner born in Los angeles, California on the 10th of august 1997. She made her first appearance on the hit E! reality television show, keeping up with the Kardashians. She is the youngest daughter of the winner of the 1976 summer olympics decathlon Bruce Jenner (now know as Caitlyn Jenner) and Kris Jenner. she has an elder sister Kendall and from her mom(Kris Jenner) she has three older ones namely: Khloe,Kim and Kourtney Kardashian and an older half brother Rob Kardashian. She has three older half brothers from Caitlyn’s side Burt,Brandon and Broody and an older half sister Casey 

Kylie Jenner attended Sierra Canyon school where she did community plays, school plays and was even part of the school's cheerleading team. But in 2012 she enrolled in an at home education program where she graduated and gained her high school diploma in july 2015 from Laurel Springs School Ojai,California.

In 2015 Kylie Jenner was spotted getting close with popular American rapper, Tyga on her 17th birthday. Days later there was news about Tyga ending his engagement with the famous model, socialite and entrepreneur Blac Chyna after dating for three years and having a two year old son. Kylie Jenner officially announces her relationship with Tyga after he bought her a Ferrari on her 18th birthday. 

But in April 2017 Kylie broke up with Tyga simply because of their age differences but she stated the break up ended well with no argument or big fight. In the same month, Kylie met Travis Scott at Coachella where he was performing for part of his tour, they were seen hitting it off the entire night, this was the kick start of their relationship. A month later, Jenner was spotted in pictures with Travis at the Met Gala where their relationship was reported to be official. 

On the 4th of February 2018 Kylie and Scott broke their silence and posted on their social media’s about the birth of their daughter Stormi...she was born on the 1st of February and later that year was when his album Astro world  came out.

In September 2019 their relationship was put on hold and they both confirmed that they were splitting up and the reason behind their split wasn’t cause they didn’t love each other anymore, they both stated they loved each other but their focus was to raise Stormi. The hardest part about their relationship and it coming to an end was the fact that a million people were into it too.

In 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown, Kylie and Travis were seen quarantining together but they stated it was because of their roles as co-parents and it was the way for the both of them to spend time together with Stormi.

Due to the appearance in the the reality show and other spin offs later created by the Kardashians, Kylie Jenner gained recognition in the media world and in 2011, the Jenner sisters were featured in seventeen magazine’s style stars of the year and they were selected as style ambassadors for the magazine. Further in 2012 the jenners  hosted the premiere of the vow in Hollywood 


In 2015, on an episode with keeping up with the Kardashians, Kylie Jenner admitted she got lip augmentation which further added to her fame on social media and influenced young girls to try to increase the size of their lips by sunctioning ones lips into a small glass tube to increase the blood flow to swell the lips and this was called the “Kylie Jenner challenge” Jenner responded to trend saying she did not do what she did to  inflence young girls to try to look like her or think this is the way to look.

In August 2015, Kylie Jenner announced that she will be launching her first lipstick line under the name “Kylie lip kits”. In February 2016 her cosmetic line was renamed “Kylie cosmetics” which initially produced 15,000 lip kits and then rose to 500,000. In March 2016 she then released a three minute long promotional video for her series lip of glosses 

In June 2017 Kylie Jenner was placed at number 59 on “Forbes celebrity 100” which calculates the highest paid celebrities in the previous 12 months and after earning US$41,000,000 making her the youngest on the list at 19 years old.

In August 2017 the reality show “ Life of Kylie “ premiered which revolves around her life. On Mother’s Day 2018 Kylie launched a cosmetics line called Kris cosmetics in collaboration with her mother Kris Jenner. on Black Friday 2018 Kylie and her half sister Kim kardashian launched their second collaboration (KKW & Kylie cosmetics) after launching the first collection  in 2017. That same month, she launched Kylie Cosmetics mobile app.

In April 2019 Kylie and KKW beauty teamed up make a signature scent which made her first foray into fragrance which launched on the April 26th 2019. On the 22nd of may, Kylie launched her own skincare line called Kylie Skin producing, face wash, moisturizers, scrubs and makeup removing wipes. On June 14th 2019 she launched another collaboration with her other half sister Khloe Kardashian called Kylie Cosmetics X Koko Kollection

Kylie Jenner launched further cosmetic lines and did lots of collaboration including with her sister Kendall Jenner and a valentines day collection named after her daughter Stormi and many others.

In August 2020 she launched a summer sailor collection which marked her first ever false lashes. In the same month, she made a cameo in the Cardi B X Megan Thee Stallion “WAP” music video. And later that year she topped the list of Forbes highest paid celebrity with a total earning of $6.1 billion 

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