Cops shoots during traffic, kills man less than a mile from where George Floyd was killed

A man was gunned down by Minneapolis Police Officers in Powderhorn neighborhood, Mineapolis city on the 30th of December.

 Cops pulled over a crime suspect in front of a gas station around Cedar Avenue at around 6.15pm (12.15am GMT), 

In a briefing, Chief of Police, Medaria Arradondo says according to the witness statements, the suspect was said to have fired first at officers, leaving officers no choice but to fire back which resulted in his death.


Officer Arradondo annouced that the whole scene was caught on the police body camera and it will be released soon to the public.

No other person on site were hurt, including the female passenger of the suspect or the police officers on duty.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is leading the investigation.

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