''Covid is REAL, I spent last Christmas in isolation centre" - Ali Baba

Nigerian Comedian and ActorAtunyota Akpobome who is popularly known as Ali Baba,  talked about his battle with Covid 19 on Monday, 4th of January 2020. 

Ali Baba warned saying the second wave of covid 19 is deadlier that the first. 

On his Instagram page, the comedian, shared his experience in a video, said he spent last year’s Christmas at an isolation centre.

He said, "Please, be aware the next wave of Covid, the new strain that is around now is deadlier than the one that came before because it mutated".

He further said, "The people that are going about, carrying on like they don’t have Covid have Covid, they are asymptomatic and they will spread it to you. You may not have the immunity that some people have and as such, you may not be seeing it that this thing is killing".

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He went on to say that he was in room 4 in the isolation centre and from room 1-5 the number of people that had died from Covid 19 were much. He said that some people who attended parties had died two days after he spoke to them. 

“If the G.O. (General Overseer) is wearing a mask and he is telling people to be careful, are you more prayerful than the G.O.? ". Comedian Ali Baba urged Nigerians to follow the safety protocols and ignore anyone who says Covid 19 is a scam. 

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