Drag Queens: Top 20 Nigerian Cross Dressers that stand out!!

 It is no surprise that Cross Dressing has become a known trend as well as a new opportunity for publicity even though it started way back. These males that also portray the title of Drag Queens dress up in feminine way.

Nowadays, Men who are drawn to the lifestyle, features and characteristics of females, have now taken advantage of social media to show their capabilities and express their feminine ways with their flawless looks.

Regarding this, these Drag Queens have been able to build up a high fan base and are seen as celebrities in the eyes of the world.

Let's look at the personalities of these males that are taking similarities of the feminine race:

#1 Bobrisky

Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju popularly known as Bobrisky, is a Nigerian social media influencer. It is no news that he is now topping the charts. There were times when he was being ridiculed and frowned upon but he has now evolved into a fast rising influencer in the country.

He is one of the individuals who admired the feminine characteristics from his young age until he recently transformed to a drag.

Bobrisky's stardom started from snapchat and he was then known as the male version of Barbie and become one of the most popular Nigerian on the app.

This Barbie was born in 1992 White Metra, Lagos. He graduated in the secondary school called King's College and the Lagos State University.

He ignores back talks about his sexuality and he has posted before saying that as far as his counting his millions and exercising charity, he has no worries about people who criticize him.

This drama queen lives a luxurious lifestyle with a five bedroom duplex in Lekki peninsula, Lagos State and brags about having a net worth of more than #7 million.

It is a shock how after his arrest by the Lagos State Police at Lekki when he made it known publicly that he's gay. He still strives hard and is seen as an example to other iffeminate males in Nigeria

#2 Denrele Edun

Adenrele Oluwafemi Edun well known as Denrele is a Nigerian TV host and presenter born on the 13th of June 1981 in Hamburg, Germany. He is the only son of his parents and is blessed with two sisters. He grew up in Germany but relocated to Nigeria at the five.

He graduated from St. Gregory's college located in Ikoyi and studied English Education in the University of Lagos.

He began his career in entertainment as an actor at the age of eleven, taking the role of a presenter on Kiddievision 101 on NTA. 

While he was still an undergraduate, he began modelling and when he graduated, he got a Job as a host in Soundcity before he later became channel O's VJ.

His artistic nature has gotten him a total of 16 awards and more than 30 nominations. He has also started in a nollywood movie called 'Make A Move' in 2014 and was also part of the cast of 'Pepper Soup's in 2016.

His natural thick hair is a genetic trait he got from his Indian-Mauritanian mother named Anita Dhuwantree Atwaroo Edun.

There have been a lot of questions on Denrele's sexuality due to his feminine nature and some characteristics that may hint to homosexuality . He has addressed this rumor saying:

"I think people believe whatever they want to believe. You know this could be a mystery. If I say the answer now una go set wonder about anything, dey ponder dey go oh"

But in addition to the truth behind Denrele's personality. A celebrity Psychiatrist Maymunah Kadiri who has closely worked with him has shared that he is neither gay nor suffering any condition mentally but he is just a fun guy who loves fashion.

#3 James Brown

The guy who was known by his phrase "they didn't caught me" has now made his way into popularity. He claims that he was called by the Lord and he is being used as a motivation to youths to be confident in expressing what they want.

This cross dresser who is also a dancer,became  famous when there was a police parade concerning homosexuality and gayism. These practices have always been seen as illegal in Nigeria but is now a top trend.

During the arrest, James Brown took the opportunity to speak through the journalists asking for evidence on him being caught in the act. That gained a lot of publicity and since then he has built up his career  .

He has even gone to his social media handle to address's those who criticize and insult him.

#4. Jay Bugatti
Jay Bugatti whose another transgender has also gained loads of attention on social media after he made it known his decision to become a transgender.

He unapologetically does this and steps further by doing a surgery to change his genitals. It is no news that the public has began to adapt to the sexual orientations of these different categories of people.

And jay Bugatti who has also made it known that he sleeps with women has a girlfriend who accepted his new found comfort.

#5 Remy Lekun
This cross dresser is also a makeup artist and owns a brand called 'Makeupbyremy' . His role models are Nicki Minaj and the kids all time favorite 'Barbie' and most of his features and lifestyle is gotten from them.

He is also one of the bold Males in Nigeria who has claimed his truth in front of the public showing his love and admiration for the feminine world.

He studied at LASPOTECH and could be said to be the black Barbie .

#6 Jp Blush
Jp Blush, who is outstanding in his cross dressing. When Bobrisky slammed Toyin Lawani saying she's bankrupt and has no cash, and Jp Blush took it upon himself to slam Bobrisky also by saying that Bobrisky has a foul odour and has also been banned from Tiana's empire for mixing hypo with the creams sold for clients.

#7. Prinna Boo
Prinna Boo is a Nigerian Androgynous model, who takes cross dressing at its peak. He is a 20 year old iffeminate male and the first male Androgynous model. He is a good model and has been featured in Fashion Hero.

#8 Jay Boogie
Jay Boogie whose real name has been discovered to be Daniel Anthony is also one of the shockingly bedazzling cross dressers in Nigeria.

He is from port Harcourt, Rivers State and has surprised the internet unannounced. He is one of the Trans that you could easily mistake for a female. Standing tall with his beautiful looks and fabulous dressing.

#9 Bryan Nwakoro
Bryan Nwakoro also known as Ja_ama on his IG has also taken us by the storm with his flaunting looks and fabulous feminine structure.

#10 Simply Lico
He is a make up artist, a dancer and a real fashion queen who was born on  the 4th of August, 2002. He is a clear diva and most times calls himself 'Dah Goddess'

These men have really made a change in what's trending and have become popular through their diverse likes... Watch out for more of the latest on Deragists, to see what other gossip we can offer

Until next time.

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