ENDSARS: Man allegedly arrested unlawfully and slapped by police men in lagos


Man allegedly arrested unlawfully
Man allegedly arrested unlawfully

In the morning of 10th of january 2021 in lagos state, a man and some others boarded a cab on their way to lekki, heading towards ikorodu at anthony road. some men in police uniforms stopped them and aggressively searched their cab.

the driver presented all his particulars and drivers document that were up to date to the police men to avoid any further embarrassment. seeing they were all complete and up to date, the police men then told them to come down from the cab and meet their boss.

One of the passenger abruptly asked the first officer why they should meet his boss when they did nothing wrong. Meeting their boss, the passenger then asked him what their offense was he said they passed the wrong U-turn. And on hearing that, the man began ranting and videoing them saying: "there was no sign indicating that we are passing the wrong U-turn and now they want to arrest us laying false allegations".

 While ranting and videoing, one of the police men told his colleague to call the special anti-robbery squad known as SARS and then forcefully tried to collect the man's phone and even slaps the man.

One of the persons that they arrested there was a young boy that just came into lagos state, he got into an uber and when the car arrived at the police point, they told him to come down, they seized his passport and forcefully arrested him for no just reason.

The man that was ranting and videoing is identified as dah muzee. He then took to twitter explaining all he had witnessed tagging international bodies and trying to raise awareness on this arising issue. 

Fortunately for him poupar nigerian rapper michael ugochuwku stephens popularly known as rugged man replied to his post and asking for his welfare which therefore increased awareness to what dah muzee experienced and recorded earlier. 

This arising issue brings a lot of concern to the public as to why are we still hearing the name "SARS" backtracking to the change made in police force. 

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