Fashion trends that are in vogue in 2021

It is no surprise that the world's fashion trends change a lot and it's always Innovative to know what's trending and what's not. 
     Do you want to know what's the latest and what's so old fashion? Then stick with me to see the trends 2021 comes with.

Let's look at the following:

#1 Bucket Hats
This hat was originally Introduced in the 1900's. It was used as a fishing hat back then which was made with wooly material and lanolin that made the hats waterproof. They were usually worn by fishermen and farmers of the Irish to protect them from rain. 
       It became more known to others in the 1960's and after it post it's place at the top of the charts, some designers made alterations and made this hat a rising trend round the globe. These hats are now used with fashionable outfits and make a statement on the wearer.
    Indeed this is one of the trends that is uprising.

#2 Scarf Tops
Scarfs as we know has been used on the hair and sometimes put around the neck. But then, sometime ago it started being used as a top. Nowadays, females find it dashing to knot a scarf round their upper body and with this, it became one of the latest trends.
      This was trending earlier in 2015 but it does down temporarily and has now made its way as one of the fashionable outfits in 2021 and it's really astonishing.
#3 Oversized Hoodies
We all love our hoodies! Especiajlly during the rainy days and climate changes. Hoodies were founded by a company in the United States named Champions in the 1930's and it's now global.
    Hoodies are comfy and have always been used for protection of cold and the hood was made to protect the head but you might wonder why we started the trend of oversized hoodies. It is no doubt that wearing clothes 2 sizes larger is really comfortable and it has its own unique look on the wearer. 
       Oversized fashion has become one of the things topping the charts and is entirely unique in its fit. Oversized hoodies and sweatshirts have been trending since the 1970's till now.
#4 Joggers and sweat pants
  It's no new discovery that joggers and sweatpants have made their way into our closets and is part of at least 78% of people's daily wears. These baggy and specialized pants that were made  with the purpose of workouts but are now part of the daily casual outfits.

#5 Sneakers
Cans, Vans, High tops, Jordans all specified under sneakers are the highest prioritized foot wear in the 21st century and has now been normalized on all sorts of clothes like business apparels, skirts, gowns and others outfits.
  Its now a stylish trend that may not die anytime soon. 

These are the outlisted and bold trends that are topping the charts and now you know the latest trends in 2021.

Till next time...

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