Half of a Yellow Sun Author, Chimamanda Adichie reveals shocking reasons why Kainene was never found


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was interviewed at the Bounce Radio Life.com by show host Ebuka Obi Uchendu. She was engaged on an extensive discussion on the BlackBox Interview.

The award wining author talked about how her first book 'Purple Hibiscus' came to limelight. She explained that the book was published by a small integrated publishing house in the UK and was hand sold by independent bookstores in the US, where it won the prize of Bestseller. Purple Hibiscus was then reviewed by prominent publishers and was shortlisted for the Orange Prize in the UK. "That's exactly the thing that made it happen" she said. 

She further explained that her desires to learn all about the African History got her her second Masters degree in the University of Yale. She further siad that the citizens of Nigeria are not properly taught their history.

When the very intriguing question many people ask based on her bestselling book 'Half of a Yellow Sun' what happened to kainene?  she said:

"There are many people who don't know and i think they should know that there are people (women) today in 2020 who are still thinking, hoping that maybe, just maybe that son who dissapeared in 1969 would appear someday" she further said "You cannot write a book about biafra and have a happy ending, it's Impossible". 

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