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Most of the times, so many people join social media just for fun, some, to connect with other people. It takes a mind that's focused and knows what they want to know that money can be made from social media. If there's anything someone should deeply crave for is what we call "financial freedom".  A lot post pictures on social media everytime without knowing that, by posting pictures, you can make money. Today, we're going to be looking at instagram, as it is tagged as the money making app. I'm sure that we all have heard what we call "brand influencing". This is an act of brands reaching out to someone to help them promote their brands. We have different types of influencers. Before we list them, I'd love to say that being an instagram influencer without being influential is most times hard and very, very difficult as you'll have to build your instagram account to the level and standard the brand you'd love to work with wants. Most of the times, you'd see brands looking for influencers and pointing out that they should have a minimum of 20k followers, depending on how their standard and brands are. Some people really crave for this job, as all what you'd do is to get free and chizzy stuff, snap and post and talk about the product without having to return them and still getting paid. 
             Talking about the different kinds of influencers, we have;

Influential influencers: These brand influencers are  already famous, with a large scale reach. They might be an actor, a musician, an athlete, etc. These people have large scale reach already because of their popularity and all of that, they have a lot of followers who may be interested in the brand they may be working with. These kind of people do not go out there to look for the brand influencing  job, they get the offer, due to their popularity and the large scale reach they have. Working with this influencers may be very, very expensive. And off course, they're also the perfect influencers for you if you have several target demographics, spinning across various age groups and genders.

        At the same time, not everyone off course has the influence others have to work with brands so easily, at the same time, there's a way around it. So many instagram influencers didn't come from the Tv or a particular record label but they're making it out there because of the time they spent building their accounts. These people are another kind of influencers. Some also get their influence from this brand influencing job. I'll be listing some things to do, to build your IG account to the taste of the brands you'd really love to work with.

* HAVE AN ATTRACTIVE BIO: Your instagram bio should be very simple and meaningful, you can put your interest there, let it be very reasonable, let it describe exactly you, and what you do, what your interest really is. You wouldn't know who might need you, in your area of specialization and most people with similar interest as you might decide to follow you.

*BE ALL CAUGHT UP: Be involved in the activities that go on there on a daily basis, keep in touch with the people you're following. Like post, view stories. Your followers need you to be very active. That's why whenever you leave instagram for a particular period of time, your followers decreases. 

*YOUR CONTENT: Your content should be what keep your followers flowing with you. There should be a reason you got an  instagram account in the first place. Some go there for businesses, instagram is where literally all the stars are found, so it might pave way for you and your business. If your account is all about business, then  create creative business content. snap pictures with high quality camera that brings attraction and make your page  very colorful. Try as much as possible to repost contents from brands, accounts within your niche; your area of specialization.

*HASTAGS: Hastags are one of the most important thing that brings about large scale reach. When you make a post about a particular thing, maybe beauty, be sure to use related hastags like #beauty #lipgloss #Girls and all of that. Instagram has a section called the "Explorepage''. From the name, it's just a section you see different pictures of people or brands, from the name explore, you get to explore and see different things, different people who fit into your area that you might decide to follow. To get to this section, be sure to use #explorepage #explore. whenever you make a post.

      These are the few things I'll be giving out for now about how to grow your Instagram page.

                We have blog influencing also Like influential experts, influential bloggers are also very knowledgeable about their fields of expertise. For example, there are parents bloggers, who provide fellow mothers and parents with parenting advice, and product recommendations. And style bloggers, who update fans with the latest fashion trends and tips.

Blogger influencers are part expert, part trendsetter. They set trends, and are also considered experts in their niches. Their audiences consider them to be trustworthy sources of advice, and recommendations, which gives them a great deal of influence over the purchase decisions of their followers.

Working with a blogger influencer is ideal if you want to reach a niche audience, and drive more conversions. These influencers can write sponsored posts, and promote giveaways for your products, helping you engage a highly-targeted audience. 

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