Kwara State Teacher fakes her own kidnap to extort N250,000 from her father


Medinat, a 24 year-old teacher in Kwara State has been arrested by the Police for allegedly faking her kidnap inorder to extort the amount of N250,000 from her father. 

Medinat was arrested with two other accomplices identified as Amudalat Wahab (30) and Hammed Lekan (28). She claimed she was in deep debt from the monthly contribution at the school where she worked as a teacher and she had to fake her kidnap so as to raise money to pay off her debts.

She further said she was incurred a lot of debt because she was no longer paid her salary during the corona lockdown. She added that she was allegedly maltreated by her stepmother who would cause a rift between she and her dad.

She said: 

I teach in a private school where I was paid N15,000. We organised monthly contribution which I collected and invested in a business, but when COVID-19 broke out, our salary was stopped, I could no longer continue with the contribution.

“Those who were in the group continued to mount pressure on me to pay up my own contribution and there is nowhere that I could get the money. So I decided to go and hide in my sister’s place and I told someone to call my father on phone that I was kidnapped and demanded a ransom of N250,000 which was paid to my friend’s account.'' she said

The State Commissioner of Police, Muhammed Bagega said Medinat had conspired with her elder sister identified as Amudalat Wahab and one other Hammed Lekan (who recieved the kidnap ransom of N250,000 in his account) and they have all been arrested. 

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