Mental Health: How Overthinking Affects You

Around the globe, daily scenarios, discussions and socialization takes place. Deep in the minds of many individuals are thoughts clouding the space of their minds constantly and this could be seen as overthinking. It is thinking too long or too much.
         Approximately 72% of individuals around the world are overthinkers and in regards to the 28% that are not, at least 10% of them only think deeply when situations with climax arises and the other 18% just don't put a lot of effort in thinking things over.

Who are Overthinkers?
These are clearly people who take their time to ponder over things that occur. Even the most irrelevant things Will be thought about with all anxiousness.
Overthinkers or people who exercise deep thinking usually stress a lot and are usually over anxious. 

Overthinkers are obsessed with the past and analyzing things to a fault until it becomes to heavy in the mind. These people could be in a busy place and let their minds roam. They are usually always occupied with the "what ifs" and the "should haves" "could have" , "wouldn't have" and other things.

Why am I overthinking?
This is caused by anxiety, self stress or depression. In other cases, it could be insecurities that lead to many thoughts.
Can overthinking be healthy?
In some cases yeah it is but to a major sight, not so much.  It's healthy in the sense that it helps in keeping the brain active and exercising the mind.
But at times it could be dangerous especially when you're thinking about something negative that could easily disorient you.

How do I stop overthinking negatively?
There is no actual remedy or process on how to completely stop overthinking but it can be reduced through the tips I'm listing down:

✓ Don't stress: We all stress and some individuals do not know how to lay down and relax even when they aren't occupied but sometimes it takes doing yoga or watching funny videos and memes or anything that brings total positivity and less worry.

✓ Cut off toxic people: some worries evolve when you have toxic people in your circle and cutting them off reduces high level of negativity.

There's nothing much that could be seen as a remedy for this but try chilling and be more positive.

Make sure not to overthink this too because overthinking to reduce overthinking is just not normal.

Till next time readers... Stay tuned!


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