"Nigeria has no plan of imposing another lockdown" - Lai Mohammed


Nigeria's Minister of Information and culture, Lai Mohammed in a conference in Lagos said that although there is a second wave of Covid 19 in the country, The Nigeria government has no plans on imposing a fresh lockdown on the citizens. 

He also emphasized that the Federal government are not happy with the citizens because there is a non-adherence to safety protocols listed out by the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 


Lai Mohammed said; 

“I don’t think there is any time when the Federal Government has said it is going to have a second lockdown. However, the Federal Government is very unhappy that Nigerians are not adhering to the basic Covid-19 protocols of wearing face masks or practising social distancing, of washing hands, of ensuring that they don’t gather in large numbers

"If we do not do these, the surge will continue and with the new strain of Covid-19 which is becoming much more difficult to handle than the old strain, the Federal Government will continue to insist and encourage Nigerians to please obey the Covid-19 protocols.

“The Federal Government is aware of the economic and social implications of a second lockdown but we want to call on Nigerians to help us, help themselves and help the economy, by adhering strictly to the Covid-19 protocols.”

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