In relationship-wise affairs, humans come with special qualities and I will feed your mind with some of the qualities you would find in women that are worth spending a life time with. Someone once told me that finding a woman is easy but finding a woman you want to call wife for eternity is the hardest of them all.

Below are seven qualities that all ladies must possess before you marry them.

1. A God fearing Lady: In this computer age, it is very difficult if not nearly impossible to find girls that still have the fear of God in them. Therefore, this kind of lady will provide you with peace, and a strong marital fellowship with God. She would be able to support you with prayers in difficult situations.

2. A grudge free minded woman: it is completely normal to have misunderstandings in every relationship. If a lady holds on to every misunderstanding, that is a problem for it is written that it is better to forgive and forget than to hold grudges. If you are blessed with a girl that does not keep the disagreements in your relationship at the back of her mind, hold on to her. They are rare.

3. A disciplinary: If you find a girl that is not afraid to sharpen you when you make mistakes, don’t ever let her go.

4. Humility: a friend once told me that ladies are naturally naggers but I beg to disagree. I can very much confirm that not all ladies nag. If you find a lady that doesn’t nag or is humble and takes correction, stick to her iota of thoughts or actions that would prompt her to leave or you leave her.

6. A child lover: Not all ladies like children. In fact, most of them hates children. The sight of a child irritates them. if you notice these signs in your lady, its best you run away before you become too attached.

7. A Mother: For it is said that men possess great interest in ladies that treat them like babies. It is good for a lady to show motherly attention towards her lover.


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