The Full gist about Iyabo Ojo ranting on Instagram with bobrisky blastting her on Twitter

 On the 16th of January 2021, the popular Nigerian actress, producer and director known as Iyabo Ojo went live on her Instagram and vented about how she gets a lot of messages from women mainly married women on how their husband maltreated them and how they suffer both emotionally and physically. Iyabo Ojo then advised the ladies on self love and putting their mental health and happiness first.

She then talked about how ladies should work on their selves emotionally. She even gave personal examples as to why she walked out of her marriage because she knew what she wanted despite the stigmatizations.

She later went to rant about her fans saying they want to be like her and she lashed out asking rhetorically if they would go through what she has gone through. She continued on and on about some of her fans that message her on Instagram asking for money and support. She then asked why can’t they support them selves than asking people for money, she talked about how she attended a part time school so she could have the time to work, fend for her herself and still pay her school fees.

She then added angrily especially to the youths, asking why most of them have so much self entitlement on how long they have been her fan, she still continued saying that it still doesn’t guarantee her giving them money.

Today, popular nigerian transgender and internet personality Bobrisky took to twitter to blast Iyabo Ojo about her Instagram live two days ago saying “I am not in support of Nigerian celebrities insulting their fans because they are asking for money”.

Photo of the tweet: 

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