Things you should know about "Anxiety"


         Anxiety can be said to be the feeling of fear or apprehension for what's yet to come. Most times, people worry and fear about so many things. Anxiety used to be common to the adults with so many responsibilities. It's so sad that the young people are now the ones with the most anxiety disorder. Most of the times, young people spend their time thinking about how to get one thing or the other achieved. Most people worry about their finances and family. Anxiety  feels different depending on the person experiencing it, most people feel out of control, some start panicking unnecessarily, others start having nightmares. 

             Others do not have any reason to worry or be anxious,yet they are because  the chemicals in the brain that are responsible for mood control may be out of balance. These can be referred to clinical anxiety, which of course can be treated clinically.

                       A lot worry about so many things and they allow their worries to weigh them down leading to depression and suicidal thoughts and all. Others do not meet up with their goals and that causes them to be sad. 
         Anxiety is common to all at different levels, but how it's been treated is what matters.

                HOW TO GO ABOUT IT

     ◑ You know what's normal for you. If you find yourself experiencing feelings or behaviors that aren't typical, or if something seems off, this might be a sign you need to seek help from a healthcare provider, a trusted person; It's always better to talk about what you're feeling and experiencing so that treatment can begin early if it's necessary.   Depression doesn't begin one day, it takes a little anxiety and sadness, depression comes in stages, sadly for some, it ends at suicide.

        ◑ Know that it's normal to be worried about your responsibilities and how so far you are from getting things done,but learn to take things easy on yourself,hang out with friends, go see a movie go shopping e.t.c anything at all that makes you so happy.

     ◑ Coming from a religious aspect; the bible said that you should cast your cares and burdens upon the lord for he will sustain you,he will never allow the righteous to be shaken Palms 55:22. God's promises are true, if you believe in him, he will never let you down!

    ◑ Do not forget to surround yourself with people who genuinely love you, positive and optimistic people also. Many people make the mistake of staying around people who are filled with negativity, who does more harm than good to them. At this level, the only thing that matters is your mental health, please protect it.


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