Toxic Behaviors: It can ruin your life

Toxic Behaviors have now been adapted by many individuals and I must say it's horrible to see people adapting negative behaviors and embracing them instead of pulling away from them.

Meaning of Toxic?
In essence toxic means something poisonous, harmful and really unpleasant .
     All these point to negativity and nothing is pleasant about being toxic.
How Do you know if you're toxic?
A toxic person is emotionally unhealthy and carries what I would call "bad vibes" as an aura. These type of people bring you down instead of vice versa. 

Wanna know the signs of a toxic person?, Here they are?

° They tend to use emotional blackmail and guilt tripping: If you notice anyone close to you who plays with your emotions to get you to do something that's definitely a toxic trait and if you can't point it out to them it's better you cut them off.

° Defense is the power: Toxic people are overly defensive and whenever it feels like someone poses as a threat to them, they get utterly defensive and tend to hurt them with words.

° Always feeling attacked: Toxic people although they hardly show it, they feel attacked constantly and feel like everyone they meet has a plan to hurt them, this is why they tendi to hurt people.

°Attitude Issues: This is a major character they possess. These sort of people exist with attitudes like bipolarism, endless cussing, negative speech and other things that are unpleasant.

The thing is, some people are Toxic and some others possess less toxic behaviors or rather have more self control over the toxic activities they perform. Toxicity isn't an inborn character but yet many possess it. Have you ever wondered why people just become toxic all of a sudden? 
Well I'm here to explain...
There a lot of things that trigger certain behaviors that leads to becoming toxic.

°Past experiences: Can you imagine some experiences in the past that probably scarred you for life? Or a memory of being emotionally damaged. Things like this give some individuals a change of heart and they make up their mind to create an emotional wall to block all positive feelings and anything that could possibly show their insecurities.

°Abuse and neglect: An individual who has been abused physically or verbally to a point where it's too much too handle is either likely to become emotionally unstable or toxic. They become toxic in the sense that they put themselves in a position where they can't be intimidated and they show no emotion when using undermining words.
And a few other scenarios that give room to toxic aura.

Let Toxicity Go!
The thing about toxic people us that even though they now have the ability to stop Poeple from taking advantage of their emotional state. They still suffer fears of being detested and they trust no one, they use words to attack people but at the same time they reflect their past hurts on other people. If you are Toxic you'll understand what I'm talking about..
It takes will and faith to break that wall that hides insecurities and all the emotional build up but it's better to and way more healthier.

For more on a healthy lifestyle, stay tuned!

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