"What sin have we committed to deserve Buhari" Reno Omokri laments over shut down of Cryptocurrency in Nigeria by CBN


Nigerian Author and Politician, Reno Omokri on Friday, February 6, 2020 has on his Twitter handle criticized the government on the actions taken earlier by CBN to shut down Cryptocurrency transactions in Nigeria.

 He said: "You can't create jobs for the Youths so they created for themselves via Crypto and Bitcoin and now you have shut that down" 

" We can't farm because of your kinsmen herdsmen, we can't manufacture because you gave no electricity, Buhari what do you want us to do?"

 " What sin have we committed to deserve Buhari" 

There have been an uproar on social media and protests on Twitter against the new policy of the CBN to shut down all accounts dealing on Cryptocurrency. 

See photos below: 

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