Zodiac Signs and their revealed meaning.

If you are yet to know, Zodiac signs are astrological signs that explain ad expose some characteristics in respect to their categories. There are 12 signs in the astrological placement and exposition of features. I will be showing you the zodiac signs and their respective dates.

Capricorn December 21- January 20
Aquarius  January 21- February 19
Pisces  February 20 - March 20
Aries March 21- April 19
Taurus April 20- May 20
Gemini May 21- June 21
Cancer June 22- July 23
Leo July 24- August 23
Virgo August 24- September 22
Libra September 23- October 22
Scorpio October 23- November 22
Sagittarius November 23- December 20

With all these zodiac signs, it is said that their characters and other features are seen by the position of stars, the sun and also planetary movements.  
Apart from that here are some features that stand out in these astrological signs

Capricorn: These individuals are mainly loyal, smart and responsible, they have self control and are usually disciplined. If you are one the consider yourself fortunate but for everything good there's also a bad side and for the capricorn's they tend to be "Know-it-alls"  and also tends to dislike everything at a point.

Aquarius: These individuals come off as weird and do things in a different way from what is seen as normal sometimes in a good way and other times in a bad way.They are independent and do alot to make sure they progress which is a really good trait but at the sidelines it's seen that are temperamental and do not compromise for anything.

Pisces: These set of people are extremely nice in major. They are really creative and Innovative, they also have a feature of empathy and generosity. In the negative areas, they are so naive and have no control over how emotional they become which makes them gullible and a bit vulnerable.

Aries: The ones in this category are fearless, passionate in everything they do,very confident and have commendable leadership traits, they have a lot of determination when it comes to achieving their goals. The downside of their nature is the fact that their straightforwardness sometimes comes off as being rude and they get really irritated and frustrated when things don't work their way.

Taurus: If you ever need someone to rely on, then a taurus is the right person. They are loyal and steadfast, they are consistent in their behavior and everything they put their minds to in every aspect of life. Nevertheless, their temper is resounding and they are very stubborn in nature.

Gemini: They always have something to say, they are the talkatives if the group.They are very jovial personality wise and really playful and apart from that they are stuck in the middle of a wide variety of things they love. In the spotlight, you'll realize that they are not organized and can't really be relied on.

Cancer: Overly dependent set of people, bit you could count on them for loyalty, they are protective and very caring. Although, they switch moods easily and are vindictive.

LEO: Power is associated with these individuals. Leo's are dynamic and authority attractive people. They make sure to stand out and show their charisma wherever they go. Domination is one thing they always set out to do.

VIRGO: These are the smartest, most intelligent people around, they are really sensible and logical in how they handle things in life, they always make room for improvement due to their perfectionist nature. Being overly critical is a flaw of the virgo's.

LIBRA: They are the most friendly individuals to ever walk on earth. They are recognized by their charms, beauty and self indulgence. In between the lines of their features, they have self pity and sometimes hold on to grudges

Scorpio: Everyone stays strong in their own way but being strong is their main feature. These people are very emotional people and they go deep down in their feelings, they are very understanding but can be very serious. A major problem that Scorpio's have is that they make their decisions your own and when pushed to a limit they'll change towards you and will never forgive you. I'll hate to be on the bad side of this certain individuals.

Sagittarius: The realest of all come from this category. They love liberty, fairly honest, very optimistic and spontaneous.
They create the best conversations and this makes them more attractive. What makes their characteristics a little less charming is nosiness, their inquisitive mind, their failure to fulfill promises and zero patience.

Every sign has their positives and negatives. I want to know your thoughts in the comments section.

Till next time... Stay tuned!


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  1. Personally I compare this zodiac signs with temperaments and I discovered some are a lil similar. I have have taken a case study for Sagittarius ♐ and Melancholy some people who belongs to either of them exhibit similar characters.
    I am one of them.!!

  2. Some people display two traits of his signs. I mean you can be a Leo ♌ or lemme say Leo ♌ can be your primary zodiac sign and you still find out you have little of Libra ♎ as your secondary sign.


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