The Highest Dysfunctionalities About Depression

What I'm about to enlighten you is something that is most saddening and it happens in silence. There are many disorders and sicknesses these days but you have no idea the void and threatening impact of emotional dysfunctional characters.

But guess what! I'm here to expose the realities of the major Dysfunctionalities in the world today.
     We all know about Depression, anxiety, having a lot of insecurities but do you have the deep knowledge? This post is going to clear up your thoughts...

I'm about to take you down the road if emotions and I have a few suggestions on what could help but it's left for you to understand. Moving on:

#1 Depression:
I can say with certainty that this word is well known and the basis of what it is gives clarity of it being an emotionally draining thing and most people identify depression like during a break up period, loosing a loved one or in some cases being rid of money. I want to explain that it's way more than that.

Overthinking as I've mentioned in my previous article, is self deteriorating and could cause depression and that's why it's one of the factors of depression.( If you haven't read about overthinking you could check it out on the blog).

But in a brief explanation, overthinking is thinking about things in different ways and with different approaches that could give you emotional instabilities because you've already created scenarios in your head.
Apart from this there are other stages of depression like:

*Anxiety attacks
*Insecurity wallowing
*Sleep Deprivation
*Emotional instability
Anxiety attacks:  Originally, people who are depressed are likely to have a wide range if anxiety and doubt and it's horrific because it makes them feel unwanted even when people show care and affection.
Insecurity wallowing:  Will I ever be good enough? Why am I so fat? Why can't he/she love me? Why do I have so many dark spots? My stretch marks are so many... Blah blah blah. These are some insecurities that are had in general but when you wallow in your insecurity or when you allow the insecurities to get to you, you end up not having a good mental state and it'll be like you don't want to be yourself and that's going to cause th next stage...
Sleep Deprivation:  You know insomnia is the sleeping disorder were you just can't sleep but sleep deprivation is at a whole new level. This stage is when you have the ability to sleep but you let things like so many thoughts or anxiety to sink in. It's like you keep reminding yourself about things that'll make you partially deranged and with everything filled in your head, sleeping won't feel like an option.
Emotional Instability: Emotions can't always be controlled especially during heartbreaks or losing a loved one and sometimes it develops into full blown instability because Emotions are all over the place and it makes it hard to control. 
Numbness:  The word itself is self explanatory but what does this have to do with depression? Being numb is like being void of emotions and not showing any real self expressions to situations or anything like that. This only happens when al the other stages have occured and it's like things are never going to get better. It's a higher feeling of indifference.

These are the stages of depression and in these you could see the true definition. If someone smiles and still tells you they are facing depression believe it, because depression is now a stigma and people try their best to resurface normal Emotions even when they are suffering the emotional scars.

There are also other disorders like
And many others that I'll mention in another post but the greatest of all is depression and it's also a "silent killer".
There is no exact way to face depression but in all, if you're facing at least two if the stages I mentioned then it'll be advisable to see a therapist or get emotional support and if not, try your best to see the brighter side of things.

Untill next time people... Stay tuned!!!


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