Sit at Home Order : Condemnation of IPOB Threat

 IPOB Sit-at-home: Condemnations of the imposed threat.

Mr Kanu threatened death to anyone who fails to observe the sit-at-home order.

A lot of Citizens has Condemn the threat issued to the people of South-east by the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu on the sit-at-home order.

Mr Nnamdi Kanu in a broadcast recently online declared that the sit-at-home will commence 6p.m. on Saturday till 6p.m. on Monday.

He stated the it very compulsory and must be obeyed by all the people in the South-East region. He clearly warned that anyone seen outside will be killed.

“From 6p.m. on the 29th, there will be no movement, this is not sit-at-home but no movement. If you are found outside from 6p.m. you are dead,” he states.

Citizens who reacted on Saturday condemned the threat by Mr Nnamdi Kanu, stating that it was wrong to threaten the lives of the same people he claims to be fighting for their freedom.

Some noted that the exercise is voluntary and advised Mr Nnamdi Kanu to stop using Threat order to get the people to comply.

One of them, By name Augustine Igboji said that by placing a death threat on lives of the people, IPOB is confirming the terrorist tag given to it by the federal government.

He also said that “Nnamdi Kanu started as a freedom fighter. His agitation was termed peaceful agitation for actualisation of Biafra. He is often lamenting that the federal government is denying Ndígbo their fundamental human rights. He claimed the ESN was formed to protect the people.

“But today he is threatening death to anybody that disobeys the sit-at-home order telling them that it is longer voluntary but compulsory. Telling people not to move around and restrictig human unlawfully is a denial of their fundamental human rights.

“instituting death or attacks as a sentence to those that will flout the order is close to terrorism. And if anybody is attacked on that day, well, let’s pray nothing like that happens.

“But let me just say that Kanu and IPOB are fast descending into an anarchist organisation. Something close to a terrorist group which the federal government branded them some years back.”

Mr Igboji said the IPOB leader is on the verge of losing the support of the people if he did not reframe is words “You cannot lead people while placing fear in their minds That is not leadership but slavery,” he said.

“At some point, the people will revolt or rebel against you too. Is this how he will lead Biafra if he gets it? By brute force? This is how despots start. I will rather remain in Nigeria than follow such a leader,” Mr igboji added.

Also stated by a citizen Emmanuel Nnaemeka, believes that Mr Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB are slowly turning into a monster which may lead to the outcome of consuming the region.

“We are creating a monster that may consume us soon. I listened to Nnamdi Kanu’s threat online and I was extremely shocked. I wonder what kind of leadership Biafra would look like.

“He threatened that his boys would kill anyone that dared to step out of the house that day. Is that how they will rule Biafra? To use gunmen to threaten people into doing everything they say?

“Nigeria may be more peaceful than Biafra with the way these people are going about this Biafra thing. Many of us might not see it now but when the time comes, we will all live in fear. God forbid that Biafra will come through people who have the blood of their brothers in their hands. How can we be acting like senseless people ?” he said.

Steve Nworie A Lawyer, said Mr Kanu and IPOB had failed to take note of the fact that some persons will be on essential duty and need to move around especially journalists and health workers.

He said the ban on movement by Mr Kanu is extremely unacceptable.

He said, “There is a already a generated fear across the South-east because of the numerous messages of death by the leader of IPOB against anyone who dares to come out on Monday 31st May, 2021.

“While I will personally obey this stay-at-home order because I am convinced that it is the right thing to do, I am particularly concerned by the blanket coercion deployed by Nnamdi Kanu and his team.

“Certainly, there are so many Igbo sons and daughters who out of no choice of theirs may be forced to be on the road on Monday, how do we justify their deaths when the ‘supreme leader’ has said that not even a rat will be spared alive if it is seen on the road across the South-east?

“How about essential workers whose lines of duty are so essential for the well-being of Ndi Igbo? Do they deserve to die in their line of duties? How about those who are forced out on the road due to unexpected emergencies that are totally beyond them? Do they deserve the death penalty by the Biafra militias?”

Mr Nworie warned Mr Kanu to desist from such threats.

With recent updates IPOB has denied accusations that it was responsible for the deadly attacks in the two regions.

What's your veiw on this.

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